Pick Pico 2016


Over 6,000 folks decided to Pick Pico this year and we could not be more pleased!

Pick Pico is all about putting a spotlight on local businesses, artists and community groups while giving people access to City Services and elected officials.

From Station 92 offering kids to dress up as firefighters to the ever popular Kid Zone to our LAPD bringing their new Tesla to our local school bands on stage to our first WNC Hula Hoop Corral…FUN FOOD FREE never looked so good!

Special thanks to our Platinum Sponsors… Friends of West LA, Macerich, Westfield, JMB Realty and FOX Studios….Pick Pico would not have been possible without their generous contributions.

We will be posting some pics of the day soon!

Pick Pico, Walk Westwood Stroll Sepulveda…This street fair may only happen once a year, but lets keep the idea of shopping and supporting local groups in our minds all year long!