We all know our businesses are in crisis. Many are closed or are hanging on by a thread. Crime has increased and morale on the street is very low. This is an 8 part program to help our local businesses and to promote the WNC in the process.

See Below
1. $2K for creation and permits and install and take down of our horizontal banner on Westwood just south of Pico To fly March 16-May 16 This would have WNC logo and City seal and could be reused.
2. $500 printing for individual signs in the shops Support Local message
3. $500 for cleaning supplies for 2X monthly clean up efforts for our Pico/Westwood/Sepulveda/Santa Monica streets from Patricia to the 405 and SM to Pico from March -May. Cleaning teams and assigned sections need to be determined by this committee.
4. $300 Red Balloons to our businesses. Purchased from a Pico shop. To be delivered by this committee.
5. Printable Valentines to be sent to all stakeholders to give to their favorite shops on Vday. We will encourage shops to hang them up in the windows.
6. $500 For Outreach items for a Sidewalk Stroll in March or April  to promote businesses and encourage walking on Pico. We will coordinate shops to move outside for a few hours on a designated Sunday into the Pico Sidewalk.
7. $500 Create a door hanger for our stakeholders with a SHOP LOCAL/WNC message and the Click Pico website which will be updated.
8. $500 for design services to create banner/signage/valentines/doorhangers

Total 4,800  with extra $200 for unexpected overruns on any item listed.

1 Valentine email to all stakeholders ASAP
2 Approval /Order  Sign for shops Friday
3 Balloon Delivery Sat or Sun
4 Approval/Order Banner Monday Feb 15
5. Design/Approval/Order Door Hangers Monday Feb 15
6. Update Click Pico Site/WNC Site by Fri 19
7. Organize clean up teams and assignments by Feb 20
8  First Clean up Effort March 13th or 20
9  Place Door hangers by March 16
10 Banner Hung March 16
11. Sidewalk Sale End March First Week April
Tea For The Soul at Westwood Plaza Senior Living $1.5K
The COVID Pandemic has been hard for all of us, but especially those inside senior care facilities. Most activities have been cancelled and family limited.
On Wed Feb 17th there will be a Tea for the Soul Program to allow folks to gather in the rec room, socially distanced, to enjoy tea and a sweet bite. I am proposing an NPG to FOWLA for up to $1.5K so they may provide the sweets for this tea every Tuesday until WNC fiscal year ends in June. These sweets will be purchased from local businesses like Atticus, FOOD and Muma Cafe to name a few. There will be 20 teas between now and June 29th @ $75 per tea. There are 40 residents at this facility. There will be a sign at the Tea showing which business the sweets came from and a sponsored credit using the WNC logo.
1. $1.5K Local Sweets will be delivered to the facility every Tuesday starting Feb 16th -June 29th. Signage included with each delivery.